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Porto is in vogue. By its own merit. Due to its architectonics beauty, to the friendliness of the people, its cultural and gastronomic wealth, that earned it the title of a World Heritage Site, and also due to the region´s extraordinary natural beauty, of which it’s a proud beacon.

The schistose and luminous Douro, from which the precious wine is extracted, the Port wine and the table wine, provides landscapes of a unique aesthetic beauty in the world, among two others World Heritage Sites. Moreover, the lush and aqueous green of Gêres is right next door.

With no doubt, these are two of the most beautiful natural regions to be visited anywhere in the world.

The city of Porto and the Douro Valley are one of the top ten European destinations from 2013, according to the travel guides’ publisher “Lonely Planet”, after the Douro River was classified as the best European river by the north-American newspaper Huffington Post. These are only two examples of the Porto’s good fame around the world.

Nevertheless, Porto and the Douro Valley are already appreciated for centuries by those who had the privilege of visiting. The British are particularly fond of the city. And they are linked to the city’s development for centuries. This Porto, which was until recently a relative guarded secret and that Ryanair has greatly contributed to unravel. As to the rest? The rest was done by the city, which amazed the growing and exponential flow of tourists with its beauty and friendliness.

Porto is warm and it has a wide offer of hotels in order to suit all tastes and wallets. It has an intense cultural activity that not only excites young people but also charms those not so young. It has an effervescent liveliness of a predominantly Indie culture that many compare to the culture that, in the 80’s, made of Madrid a cultural irradiation center in Europe and in the world. This good vibe passes on those who visit us. And when they arrive home, they tell how much they liked the town and how they want to come back. And they make many others become enthusiastic to come.

This Porto, in such an important moment of change, of recovery at all levels, including the socio-economic value that already had in the country, and which has lost in the last years, needs to keep up with the time.

The Oporto City Guide follows the moment and appears therefore to fill in a gap. It’s not only a city map or a website. The Oporto City Guide is a map and a tour guide on multiple platforms. It has a modern website, with a simple and intuitive consultation that provides comprehensive information about the city and the region to tourists who visit us for a relatively short period of time. The information, translated into English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, is concise but complete, in order to satisfy the needs of the majority of those who visit Porto.

The Oporto City Guide also suggests feasible itineraries in a few hours with passages through the most emblematic places of the city and tours of undeniable beauty and cultural richness. It details the visit’s importance in a simple and unpretentious guide that helps the visitor to get to know the city in a nice and friendly way. In addition, it provides a free application for tablets and smartphones that allows, with recourse to augmented reality and geo-referencing, to easily inform the user about what surrounds him and the best way to get there.

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