Travel in the Douro is to make an appointment with tradition and culture, in a scenery of an unusual beauty. The Alto Douro...

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  • Architecture and Art in three Pritzkers

    Porto has many charms and the city is full of perfect marriages between art and architecture, both for the aesthetic...

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  • Braga’s Guide

    Tradition, youth and modernity

    Braga is a dynamic city, modern in a harmonious marriage with tradition. It’s technological...

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    The Sé Cathedral’s surrounding area is the birthplace of the Porto's city and it's also the heart of this World Heritage...

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    The Clérigos’ area is currently one of the main attraction centers of the Porto’s city, mostly thanks to the cultural...

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  • Guimarães Historic Centre

    There’s another World Heritage Site, listed by UNESCO in 2001, just over half an hour from Porto (about 50km). The...

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  • Matosinhos Guide

    The best fish of Porto

    Matosinhos is, similarly to Gaia, the other Porto's sister city, so that many people say that the...

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  • Portuguese Gastronomy

    Portugal is a country of tradition, of landscape wealth, of friendly and hospitable people. And in this North, that is now...

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    “Whether in dark alleys or in luminous squares, in the district of Ribeira every corner has a story to...

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  • Routes of the Romantic in Porto

    Overlooking the Douro River, Porto has an incomparable urban and landscape structure, visible in the architecture, monuments...

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  • The Art in Miguel Bombarda

    The Miguel Bombarda Street, leaning against the historic centre and the Porto's downtown, has the largest concentration of...

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  • The Peneda-Gêres National Park

    The Peneda-Gêres National Park is a place of rare beauty, where the lush green and the water's creator power in its purest...

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  • Vila Nova de Gaia

    The best sight of Porto

    Vila Nova de Gaia is the Porto's sister city, with the Douro separating them, and the Ribeira de...

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  • Yellow Bus Sightseeing Tours

    One of the best ways to discover Porto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga or Guimarães, or even stroll on the Douro...

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